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We all know that consistency is crucial for success in any industry.

You must be consistent in your marketing, monitoring, and other aspects of your business to expand it.

To lose weight, you must be committed to working out and eating a healthy diet regularly.

You must be consistent in your meditation and other spiritual practices to improve spiritually.

Similarly, if you want to expand your blog’s audience, you’ll need to remain consistent. Life is full of ups and downs for everyone. The same goes with successful Bloggers.

You might be wondering how these bloggers maintain such a high level of consistency in writing and publishing posts.

Keep in mind that consistency does not imply that you must create a blog article every day. Being consistent means deciding how frequently you will post on your blog channel and sticking to it. Some bloggers prefer to publish three times a week, some once a week, while others once or twice a month.

Make sure you’re not just blogging for the sake of publishing. Provide valuable content to your audience so that they will want to read your future blog posts.

I’ve included ten practical blogging tips that many bloggers follow to stay consistent:

  1. Make a list of blog topics.

Make a list of the topics you’d like to blog about. For blog ideas, keep a diary or a separate notepad section on your phone.

Ideas might come to you at any point during the day. When you’re driving, exercising, or talking with a friend. Simply jot down the topic on your phone so you don’t forget.

You will save a lot of time and effort by searching for and developing a list of blog ideas in advance.

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2. Fix a time and prioritise

Let me explain this by giving an example which we all can relate to -

After waking up in the morning, most of us go to the washroom to brush our teeth. As we do it regularly and have created a habit, our bodies naturally perform the processes of waking up, going to the restroom, and brushing our teeth.

Similarly, if you want to be consistent with your blogging, you’ll need to develop a writing habit.

Fix a time during the day when you are free of distractions. It might be after dinner, in the evening, or at any other time that fits into your routine.

Choose a time when you are free so that you don’t get distracted while preparing/researching for your next blog.

Make your blog a priority. If you have some non-urgent work to complete, don’t put off blogging. After you’ve finished it, you can move on to other things.

3. Start from short

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“No one is born an expert,” is one of the famous quotes which you might have read on the internet. If you are new to blogging, it will take some time for you to get into the habit of writing.

It was challenging for me to write even 500 words when I first started blogging. However, when I published more posts, I saw that the number of words increased.

This is my attempt to convey to you that you should not put pressure on your brain to produce more words. You can post articles of up to 400–500 words in the beginning. You’ll be able to write more than 1000 words later on when your writing skills grow.

4. Make use of pre-made templates

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Many blogging platforms offer a choice of template options for users to select from. Users can also download the themes from a variety of websites. You can look through the available themes on the internet and choose a lovely one for your site.

Select a theme that is appropriate for your niche and can be used for a long time. Template selection is a one-time thing. Once the template has been selected you just have to edit the texts and change images if any for your future blogs.

5. Posting frequency

I mentioned this in the introduction section, but I’d want to bring it up again here. You don’t have to publish a blog article every day to be consistent.

Consistency means deciding how frequently you will post on your blog channel and adhering to it. Some bloggers prefer to update three times a week, some once a week, while others once or twice a month.

You can choose which days of the week you want to post. Let’s say you decide to publish a new blog post every Tuesday and Friday. Then, every week on these days, you must publish a new blog.

Providing quality information regularly builds trust with your audience. When it comes to when to publish your blog, there are no hard and fast rules. Simply stick to the date and time you’ve decided.

6. Create a content calendar to help you write and schedule your posts.

This brings us back to the first point. Make a content calendar after you’ve made a list of blog ideas. This means, deciding when you’ll write about which topic. For instance, in November, your writing content calendar might look like this:

1st November — Blogging Tips

3rd November — Travel blog ideas

5th November — Health blogging tips and so on…

Writing a content calendar will help you stay organized and on track. Make sure you stick to your plan. After you’ve finished writing the article, you may schedule it for publication by choosing a date and time.

So, even if you’re on vacation or attending a family gathering, the blog will post on its own. By scheduling your posts, you can ensure that your blog is published on time.

7. Plan ahead of time

This involves finishing the blog article in advance. Let’s say you published a blog today; the blogs for the following week must likewise be ready to go. This will relieve you of a lot of stress, and you’ll be able to focus on other posts without worrying about the next one.

8. Guest posts

It is not required for you to be the only one who can post on your blog. Many bloggers publish guest blog posts in collaboration with other bloggers in the same niche.

When you’re sick, on maternity leave, or otherwise occupied, this concept of guest blogging can come in handy.

9. Have a routine

It is vital to follow a routine to be productive and achieve the greatest results. Blogging is an area where consistency is crucial, and you must be consistent in giving good information to your audience to be successful. Having a set schedule can allow you to be more productive while also preventing you from becoming overwhelmed by your work.

Prepare a sheet and write down all of the things you undertake in a day, then cross out the ones you don’t think are vital. It should be replaced with a positive habit.

For example, if you have a habit of playing video games in the evening, yet video games provide no benefit, you may substitute reading a book at that time. Reading will improve your skills and provide you with some great ideas for future blogs.

10. journaling and mindfulness

If you’re new to blogging, journaling is the greatest way to get into the habit of writing.

Let’s start by defining journaling. Journaling entails keeping a diary for oneself in which you record your feelings and thoughts through writing. Journaling is when you write down how your day went, what you did, and whatever else comes to mind. This is a fantastic approach to start developing a writing habit, and after you’ve established one, you can go ahead and start creating content for your blog during that time of day.

Another point I had mentioned is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is important because when you are calm and your mind is not racing you will get more creative ideas. Meditation or listening to soothing music will not only help you relax, but it will also help you in your professional life, particularly in blogging, because creating content requires a clear mind free of distractions to produce high-quality content for your readers.


With consistency comes patience. Try out these tips and discover how you can improve your blogging consistency.

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