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We are all aware that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and others do not allow users to write or share large amounts of content. There are limitations on the number of words, characters, photos, and other elements on all social networking platforms.

Blogging is the greatest option for someone who wants to deliver detailed information.

Using social media to promote your blogs is the most effective approach to reaching out to potential readers. It is not necessary to create separate social media content. You can use the following methods to repurpose your blog content for social media:

1. Infographics

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In a nutshell, an infographic is a combination of information and images/graphics. These can be made for a blog article that follows a step-by-step procedure. Readers find Infographics to be engaging since they deliver essential information with visuals. Infographics can be created using a variety of design apps. Canva is one of the most well-known design apps.

2. Instagram carousal and reels

If you want to enhance the visibility of your business, Instagram is the greatest option. You are not required to create new content for your Instagram account. You may turn your blog content into carousels and reels by shortening phrases, adding images, and other components to make the posts more appealing.

3. PDF

Businesses and companies that have blogs on their website can repurpose their blog content by creating a separate pdf for it. These PDFs can be used to send follow-up messages to leads.

Example of repurposing Blog Content into PDF:

- Update of company guidelines

- Solution for any problem

- Services you provide etc.

4. Videos and podcasts

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We all know that videos are extremely entertaining and are the most effective approach to capture the attention of viewers. Many marketers choose video marketing over other marketing tactics because it has the highest conversion rate.

The blogs you have written can also be short and uploaded on any video hosting platform, like YouTube.

For instance, you wrote a blog about “5 techniques to style long hairs.” The tutorial can be recorded and uploaded to a YouTube channel.

5. Quora answers

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Quora is an online community where users ask questions and experts respond. It’s a fantastic way to start an online community where people can share their ideas, experiences, suggestions, and ask questions, among other things. On Quora, one can republish their blog articles.

6. Live video

Readers may have questions about your blog content at times. You can conduct a live session to answer their queries or discuss your most latest blog. Live sessions are an excellent method to engage with your audience and establish trust.

7. Webinar

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Conducting a free webinar is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients to your company. You can give a few helpful lessons and recommendations throughout the webinar that will benefit the viewers and may encourage them to buy your product or service. You can also explain how your services and products will benefit them.

8. Updated version

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We become better at what we do when we are consistent in our work and have more exposure in the field we work in. And this can help us learn more about the subject. Assume you’ve written a blog about the “Best places to visit in Hyderabad.” You now want to add more places to the list. This is how you can update your previous blogs and republish them on the site.


A single blog article can be repurposed into a variety of social media posts, videos, pdfs, and other formats. Repurposing blog content will allow you to maintain consistency on social media without having to worry about your next post.

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